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Academic Integrity Guidelines


Students who use another student's work or who submit work as their own using any source without citation are cheating. Similarly, unauthorized collaboration with another student or students during tests or quizzes is also cheating. When students sign their name to any work, the implicit statement is that all of the work is their own. Cheating is intellectual dishonesty, and when students cheat they reduce the integrity of the entire school. Students who misrepresent their work are failing the entire Flintridge community and will, in most incidences, appear before the Conduct Review Committee.

Plagiarism consists of:

  • Copying information verbatim from any published source, including textbooks and the Internet, without proper citation crediting that source.
  • Paraphrasing information from a published source without proper citation crediting that source.
  • Copying directly from another student's paper.
  • Copying or borrowing the ideas of another person. If given an assignment to write a critical paper on a specific topic, the choice of that topic, the methods of organization for that paper, the content of the supporting paragraphs (including topic sentences and specific facts, details and examples), and the conclusion must be original. That means that a student is to write a paper on his/her own without any assistance regarding the substantive aspects of said paper.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for a complete list of campus guidelines.

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